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We are the Hydraulic Training Experts!

It is a bold statement, but we here at Eaton Hydraulic Training live for the world of hydraulics education. Our organisation was created to bring you the absolute latest in hydraulic technology, and we are confident that we can do it in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible. Each class is constructed to convey the knowledge that you desire, and each instructor is outfitted with years of industry field experience to back it up. For more information about our history (our version of a CV), visit our About Us page.

Since our entire curriculum is focused entirely around hydraulics, we take pride in our ability to offer industry-specific courses and products. From Mobile Hydraulics to Electrohydraulics, take a minute to browse our Technical Training section to find a course that fits your needs. If you are an Eaton Distributor and wish to take an Eaton Product Training course, please visit our Brand Certifications, Service School and/or Power, Motion & Control Training sections. In all cases, our versatility and mobility as an educational unit also allow us to take our courses on the road to you and your facility. You can reach us at the freephone number +1-800-413-8809 with your questions.

Training = £££ in your pocket
We hand out money in the form of cost savings. Training is an investment in both your individual career and the success of your company. Properly trained personnel save manufacturers significant pounds by reducing unplanned downtime, in turn maximising the effectiveness of planned downtime. Whether you are hydraulics repair personnel, supervisors, engineers, Eaton Distributors, college students, maintenance personnel, Eaton Customers, hydraulic sales personnel or even purchasing, Eaton Hydraulics Training Services will solidify your knowledge, increase your job performance and most importantly promote safety awareness.

We Even Write Our Own Books!
We have so much information to offer, we had to start writing it all down. Our Industrial Hydraulics Manual and Mobile Hydraulics Manual are currently used as the main resource to teach hydraulics courses in hundreds of college classrooms around the country. Also available for purchase at our e-store,, you will find out about other books on Electrohydraulics and Contamination Control. In addition, you will find information on our simulators, cutaways, reference materials and other training aids. Everything you need to have a state-of-the-art training facility that will set you apart as a leading educational institute.